Answers to common questions about storm shelters

Q What type of storm shelter is best?

A Whatever is above ground can be a target for debris or, as FEMA refers, "missiles" to hit into. While the above-ground "safe rooms" are more convenient, most are tested by shooting a 15lb 2x4 at the door at 100mph. Tornadoes throw SUVs, tractors, and the neighbor's gun safe at you. If you're looking for convenience, simply pull the covers over your head. Fully underground is the ultimate in tornado protection. Consider the wooden spear going through thick concrete in the picture.


Q  It seems like there are more tornadoes now. Why?

A Tornado Alley is shifting to neighboring states, including Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.
A recent study that examined US tornado data from 1954-2018 found that this shift has been happening over the last 30 years or so.

Q  Will FEMA help pay for my storm shelter?

A:  Not in Arkansas. Unfortunately, the state stopped the $1,000 rebate grant program a few years ago. Some other States might have grants, though.

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