Helpful Tips & Links

Maintaining Your Shelter

Maintaining your shelter is crucial if you want it to last. Neglecting it will only lead to more issues in the long run. Check your shelter monthly, especially after its first installation. Oil the hinges and door lock parts once a year; make sure it is a lubricant; regular WD40 is not. Check the nuts on the gas shock. Tighten if loose. Make sure to keep your turbine clear of grass or weeds. It does not require lubrication. 

Some shelters may have a sweat-in period. It is advisable to keep a can of spray paint inside the shelter. Rust-Olem Satin or Semi-gloss is an excellent option. When inspecting the shelter, if you notice a rust spot, touch it with the spray paint. Rust spreads when exposed to air, but this preventive measure will prevent it from spreading.

Check the walls under the benches. If they are wet, you may try using Damp-Rid. You can get that at home improvement stores.

Don't keep anything inside your shelter that might attract moisture, such as blankets, pillows, or towels. Keep these in an air-tight bag. A thick pile carpet isn't a good idea unless you have a dehumidifier in your shelter. A dehumidifier also cuts down on touchups plus keeps it warmer inside. We can recommend a good one. 

Repainting the entire shelter

Should you need to repaint your shelter or want it to look new again, here's what we use.​ The inside is called Sher-Kem. It's from Sherwin Williams.
 For touching up what shows on the outside, use Rust-Olem Truck bed liner. We've tested a few, and that was the best. We use a two-part marine epoxy, but it's $300 for one kit. You don't need that much. If your floor is really bad, we recommend Dura-Plate 235 from Sherwin Williams. It's a two-part epoxy and about $100 for the two-part kit, but it's a thick rubber-like coating. One gallon should do most size shelters. Tell Sherwin Williams it's for Cozy Caverns and get our discount. Wear a good respirator, gloves, and protective clothing with these paints. Get fresh air often and use your noodles.

How to use your emergency door jack

This is if you ordered that option.

How to hang things



Don't drill!! You can find all kinds of magnets on Amazon, at Home Depot, and Lowe's. Kinds with hooks, clips, and more. There are these "Super" magnets (Neodymium) which even one the size of a dime can hold 20+ pounds.


Damp Rid

Damp Rid removes moisture from the air and helps prevent rust spots. If the moisture is really bad, you may need a dehumidifier. Get one with a built-in pump. Contact us, and we'll tell you more.

Worried about getting trapped?

boat horn

A $12 Boat Horn held up in the vent tube can be heard from a great distance. Also, let friends and Family know where your shelter is located. We also offer an Emergency Jack option for the door.
 See it here.

Trouble getting in your shelter?

Get a mailbox holder​ from places like Home Depot. Drive it in the ground beside the door, Add a 4x4 post. You might even mount some pull/grab handles to it.